Motörhead Vödka is a premium vodka made from 100% locally grown wheat that has been distilled and bottled in the small markettown of Malmköping, Sweden. It has a rich, full bodied and complex character, with a light and fruity aftertaste. A touch of barley gives the vodka a rounded and mellow grain character.

Its distinctive taste is further enhanced by the unique locally sourced water, which has been naturally filtered for thousands of years in a ridge in Malmköping. It’s an easy-drinking vodka, that can be enjoyed both with and without ice. Pre-order only at Systembolaget…

Systembolaget: Pre-order only
Article number: 86365
Price: 393 SEK
Producer: Malmköpings Nya Spritbolag AB
Distributor: Grapes Svenska AB
Alcohol by volume: 40% vol



NOV, 2012

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